Coworking space etiquette – Do’s and don’ts

Coworking office space can bestow many advantages in the form of better social interaction with many different people as well as better amenities. Compared with working from home, a coworking space encourages productivity and provides freelancers with a better environment for increased performance.
In many coworking offices, there are certain behaviours and rules which promotes peaceful working conditions. These rules are often outlined in the code of conduct. Here are the most common rules of coworking etiquette.

Respecting boundaries

Respect for others on a physical and emotional level is key. This includes others workstations and their spatial privacy. Hogging neighbouring desk space and/or using others stationary tools can breach this spatial respect. As well as this, it’s important to avoid discriminatory and harassing behaviour towards them.

Be considerate

When receiving phone calls, it may be best to step into a phone booth or to another part of the office where you won’t distract others.

Don’t hinder the productivity of others
If someone looks as if they’re immersed in their work or wearing headphones, it’s probably an indication that they don’t want to be disturbed.

Time management

Many office spaces have a timetabled meeting room. Time management is crucial in these situations. By extending your meeting with someone, you could be interfering with the timings of your coworkers meetings and letting them down.


As there is a high rotation of people, cleanliness is critical in coworking environments. Keep workspaces and other areas clean, as no one likes to deal with a mess left by someone else. Before you leave always check your workstation and don’t leave anything behind.

Inside voices

Everyone understands that some level of background noise is ok. However, if you’re making a racket all day long, you may start to aggravate everyone around you.

Adherence to policies

Many coworking office spaces will have rules in which you have to obey. For example, some offices have designated smoking areas and others won’t permit food to be taken from the kitchen/dining areas. Become acquainted with the rules and regulations.

Confidential information

In case your job involves you storing confidential documents, remember to keep them out of plain sight. The same goes for files visible to you that belong to others. Peeking at those files or eavesdropping is unethical.
It’s like they say, ‘treat others how you want to be treated’. Following these rules will provide a harmonious coworking environment for you and others.


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